Best meet you

In the crowd took a look at you

one is Yuyuan Xianxuan, one is beautiful jade flawless, if there is no strange fortune, this life partial encounter him, if there is a strange fortune, how to think of the end of vanity, a vain self-pity Ah, an empty labor care, One is the moon in the water, and the other is the flower in the mirror. How many tears can be found in the eyes? How can you get autumn to winter, spring to summer, Sansheng Stone, and Muliqian League?

The beauty and happiness of life are entrusted to each other. From now on you and I, I have you.

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  1. adminXU yi

    This article is very interesting, after reading one, received the baby, the quality is very good, the color and picture color exactly the same, the store attitude is also very good, very enthusiastic, really feel good, recommend



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