Waiting for love jewelry ring

A love story about a jewelry ring

Sometimes people really want to be happy. Sometimes happiness comes without knowing it. In fact, more often, happiness is not far away from you.

Come to the west lake tonight, a person, the heart is very calm and very happy, the water of the west lake is also very calm. I don’t know how many good marriages the west lake has witnessed in the past thousand years. However, I also know that a lot of fate also meet here.

After graduation, I went to work in a jewelry ring shop, looking at the girl wearing the jewelry ring everyday, in my heart with envy.I was waiting for my xu xian. Hangzhou area jewelry ring competition is still more incentive, the landlady encourages everyone to have the spirit of innovation, raised the rebate. I learned at college is the electronic commerce and investment in online business, shop to manage, more hard, report is not much.After all, our business is in hangzhou, the online platform, difficult to adapt to life without wave wave, mirror, who is old one year old, actually I have a big man, but is not to taste. In 2008, I returned to the local network business, at this time the network in hangzhou also had a great development, it is a good time, I in the most famous hangzhou discount open a store, my parents happy marriage has been my yearning.Wedding shop slowly became popular, now fashionable hangzhou girls are looking for their dream of the wedding dress on the Internet, and I advise them, watching every girl wearing wedding dress to and fro, I am full of happiness, but also full of desire. I am waiting for my xu xian, what is my marriage like? Since the age of ten, I have imagined, planning my wedding ceremony. specific to what kind of ring, what kind of carpet, and also asked my sister’s daughter to help me hold wedding dress, most importantly, wedding photos to the west lake.He spoke at the meeting. IT turns out that he works in an IT company, and the online store opened online at discount is an amateur. He is from an IT background and familiar with the online store, and his business is more than mine. He has a good tongue and a good sense of humor. When he sits down to read, people exchange business CARDS with him. He let out a “oh” as I passed my card.”Are you the shopkeeper? So young. I looked into his bright eyes, looked up, and said:The heart has no waves of wine, chest acceleration rise and fall.

Unexpectedly he also has this kind of idea, take specially for the girl’s jewelry ring like me to tell a white.

Personalized Gift Customize Engraved Name Stainless Steel Adjustable Rings For Women Anniversary Jewelry (JewelOra RI102973)

Personalized Gift Customize Engraved Name Stainless Steel Adjustable Rings For Women Anniversary Jewelry (JewelOra RI102973)

Every girl deserves the best

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