The princess’s magic accessories necklace

The legend of the lucky jewelry necklace

There is a place called “magic town”. It is very lively and the villagers live in peace. Because there is a very beautiful and kind-hearted princess.

She had light purple hair, a small nose and a small cherry mouth. There was also a shiny magical necklace around his neck.

The magic necklace is only for good people to pay its original strength, and she has it.When a new villager heard about this, he became more and more possessive. In fact, the villager was kind, but the possessiveness controlled him.

Therefore, he came to the residence of princess jingling under the pretext of drinking water. He stared at the magic necklace around her neck. Of course, the kind-hearted princess would not violate her kindness for the sake of a glass of water. The magic necklace seems to be spiritual and always sends a message of danger. The clever princess jingling took the magic necklace so long that she knew what it meant and handed the water to the villager. In order not to make her suspicious, the villagers pretended to drink it.

Princess jing ling fainted, the villagers thought; Why don’t you grab the necklace at this moment? Hehe, this is a good way, but she how can faint, ignore. The heart is not as good as action, hand just touched magic necklace, jing ling princess suddenly woke up, she grabbed the villager’s hand, asked; “Why do you want a magic necklace?” Actually, princess jing ling pretended to be dizzy just now, just to test the villagers’ intentions. The villagers did not react, and finally, justice prevailed over evil (possessiveness). The villagers were trembling. “I… Just to show off, and to bring it to me.. Bring wealth, don’t think now, sorry.” Good princess jing ling also forgave him.

Since then, the magical town has been protected by the magic necklace, as before, and no one wants to steal the necklace. Problems, with princess jingling’s magic necklace and her own wisdom, all problems, will not be problems.

Legend has it that there is more than one lucky jewelry goddesses necklace

The goddesses deserve the best, and let the god of luck protect you all the time

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