The feelings on the skirt

The feelings on the skirt

    Girls in high school seem to be a little shy of wearing skirts, because of face, and they feel that their usual hot and violent image of the gap, or cool willing to show neutral beauty? The girl’s heart has the potential tenderness, this kind of feeling is sometimes buried deep in the past years, it is ignited in one summer, shows the best bright side. Skirts wake up the memory and image is a little drizzle to breed bud, the world decorated with dreams, these dreams have nothing to do with fame and fortune, but simply take care of those young washed air.
I pulled out many many many hours of photos, mostly wearing a flower skirt, grin with a grin, that big flowers bloom, lined with two shallow dimples, my limpid years, They all quietly record eternity. Now in the wardrobe, skirts are a handful, except for a few casual style skirts, I still stubbornly put up a broken chiffon dress, very light pink pink green pattern, thin lace, swagger, I always feel that there is something indescribable about the hidden collection here. After I cut my hair short, I seldom “pet” it, and it became a wound.
Every woman is waiting for her own prince to appear and take care of herself. At this time, the woman’s exquisite and complete release will truly become a woman. This kind of feeling, I actually found on the skirt, yes, can produce the same effect, but the former is an instinct, the latter is after all the feelings precipitated under a certain background; Or is one for others, and the other for yourself?
Skirts represent a unique feature of women, at least for the purpose of women’s skirts should be the original intention. Hanfu has thin clothing such as yarn, so that the graceful posture of Yangliu’s small waist shows purity, but also heavy and complicated, nothing more than elegant and elegant. The Tang dress is dark and solemn, and the light color is charming. I still admire the modern dress. It retains some of the basic ideas of ancient times. It also seems to be closer to the traditional concept of educating Chinese women: soft beauty. Saw a painting a few meters, depicting in the bright morning, she wore a white Sling skirt, the wind is confused long hair to tell inexhaustible tenderness. I love this little surreal moment, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a good feeling.
Some people say that there are three reasons for a woman’s happiness and she can cry. Can be spoiled. You can wear a skirt. I was so happy to hear it, boss.
There is no limit of age, there is no shame, the skirt itself carries the woman’s feelings, wearing a skirt is a return of the nature of women, the interpretation is the Holy side of the woman’s soul.

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