The story behind the photo

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I accidentally touched a thin layer of dust when I sorted out the old things. I carefully took it out and brushed away the dust. The picture gradually became clearThis is a family photo, people are full of happy smiles, a woman holding a baby – that was me when I was a child.

Carefully grinding this old photograph, after years of erosion, the figure on the photo has become blurred, the cheek edge line has been grinding white, my meat du du small face is right at the camera, small hands in the air, as if dissatisfaction others disturb my good dream.My eyes turned to another photo, in color, of our family standing on the platform, with a beautiful view of the lake behind us.I was ten years old. Although I was still ignorant at that time, I grew up in the traditional family tradition of grandma and grandpa.

One day, I just came back from school, after the big recess I was thirsty and hungry, stride toward the kitchen to pour a few saliva, see meal again two eyes shine, at this time have no a person to take a seat, I just want a bottom to sit down, tailgate door of mother hurriedly say: “daughter, have a meal to want elder to take a seat first then can move chopsticks.” “Why? “Because want to show the respect to the elder, do not have the elder how can have now us?” I had to keep my hunger in my stomach and let my grandparents sit first, then my parents, and finally me.

Every time after eating, my grandparents would check my bowl for any rice left uneaten, so that I could always remember that “every grain is laborious”. Now we do not know how to cherish white rice. We think that white rice is tasteless. However, in the grandpa and grandma’s time, only white rice can fill the stomach, there is no snack to eat, and even the clothes are worn by the elder sisters and brothers. So now I am also honored to become a “CD family”. Frugality is a large part of our family.Of course, our family is no exception. My grandparents are getting older, with more wrinkles and grey hair.

Although my father is busy with his work, he still takes time to spend time with my grandparents, talking and doing some housework. My grandparents had lost their eyesight and could not read the words in the newspaper clearly, so I read them word by word. My mother would cook with my grandfather from time to timeGrandparents, parents and me, we live in different times.

Photos will turn yellow as time goes by, and people will get older. So we live in the new era, we should carry on the family tradition of the old era and pass it on to the next generation unreservedly, this is the family tradition in my memory.

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