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A goddess must not only have a good personality, but also dress well to highlight the charm of a woman,Goddess closet, for you, Eleant life, for myself.

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As the saying goes, a woman’s wardrobe is always short of a piece of clothing, there is no need to worry about the goddess of this kind of trouble, came to the goddess’s wardrobe, to help you solve


 necklace 7-8mm Real Natural Freshwater pearl necklace Handmade fashion

A good accessory sets off your charm.

In addition to the selection of clothes, the goddess should also have good jewelry. The selection of jewelry is very knowledgeable. Women often think that their beauty gives the jewelry vitality and spirituality, and the splendor of the jewelry brings out their own noble elegance. Jewelry, with its loving will, hides the eternal promise, the incomparable radiance, the brilliant refraction, that can penetrate any barrier to reach the inmost depths of the soul, the goddess’s wardrobe, gives you the best choice



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There is also a great deal of learning in the selection of clothes. A good coat also requires good trousers to set off. Come to the goddess’s closet and give you the best, highlighting your nobility and charm.



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fashion pant

Life, if only as the first to see, this most beautiful look back, let you remember a lifetime



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short story–With it, life is no longer lonely


A story from a goddess necklace

In his spare time, he tasted a nice cup of coffee. Outside the window, Yeshasha flew with the wind, quiet alleys, and occasionally boys and girls rode by. The people in the coffee shop are full of noble and mysterious atmosphere, quiet and charming, and other customers have various types of sexy. Suddenly a woman entered the coffee shop, wearing a necklace of life tree around her neck. Polyhedral crystals reflected an increasingly bright halo around her. The rich and lively diamond sucked the beam of light from its own color and swallowed it and spit it out softly. It was a gentle and gentle light with various intentions. The woman was more touching because of the necklace and the necklace was more brilliant because of the woman. The relationship between them is delicate and intriguing. There is life in the necklace: their colors can express an inexpressible charm. The charm and temperament of her body make other customers stare, elegant female jewelry gifts, mature reveals the cute and childish nature of the little woman. To the best of her, every woman should be happier and more beautiful, so that life will become more and more happy.。If you love her, give her the best. Do your little promotion, the goddess closet. Give you the best choice.


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goddess ring and love

It is said that long ago, the gods fell in love with a mortal woman. They wanted to live together, but mortals could only live on the earth and could not go to heaven. The gods experienced many hardships for her and decided to live on the earth with her. They went to a lot of places together, but everyone thought that they didn’t belong to them. They belonged to their own place. Otherwise, they lived and some people who were jealous of them wanted to harm them. One day, X gave them a pair of rings. Tell them as long as the rings are on their hands, you ‘ll never part. But one of their jealous gods threw their rings into the sea. The ring was lost in the sea for a long time. The gods also looked for it, but it ended in failure. The girl did not know the God. One day, the God took the girl to the beach to play. A dolphin suddenly came to the girl. In the mouth is their ring, the God saw very moved, they can be together again. It is said that the first person to tell the truth in Dolphin Bay is their designated lover. If you love her, give her the best.



Goddess earring

Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a beautiful and kind girl, but she was very unfortunate. When she was born, her ears were bigger than those of other children. At first, her parents didn’t care. Later, as she grew older, her ears grew bigger and bigger. At that time, everyone thought her ears were ugly and ugly and laughed at her. She was sad, too, but the girl was kind and helpful. If a small animal gets hurt, she ‘ll be hurt. Maybe God was also moved by the kindness of the little girl. The little girl was lucky enough to meet a jeweler. The merchant said he could cure the little girl. At that time, no one believed him and thought he was a liar. But the little girl went with a test attitude. The merchant began to stab her in the ear with silver. The girl looked at it again and thought she was even uglier. The little girl was angry. The merchant said not to worry. The merchant took out a pair of earrings and put them on her ear. Suddenly, people around thought the little girl had beautiful ears. The people around her were surprised, and then everyone went to the merchants to help them do the same. The custom of wearing earrings has become more and more popular.
Women are more attractive for jewelry, jewelry is more brilliant for women, the relationship between them is delicate and interesting, If you love her, give her the best. Do your little promotion, the goddess closet. Give you the best choice.



Bracelet love

I always like to climb the mountain in the breeze and rain, and feel the warmth and romance; I always like to see the sea before the storm, experience that kind of danger and shock! At that time, I often sat alone on the beach thinking about things, watching the waves rise and fall over me, and sometimes mercilessly came to me. At that moment, the world only belonged to me until one day, your appearance broke this situation, that day, And become me and you,
I stopped playing with one bracelet after another, but in the end I didn’t buy it. You watched me leave the back, and you went straight from the dealer’s hand and bought the bracelet. Put it on my hand, I stand in front of you: “The bracelet is very beautiful, I like it very much! Thank you! “It was the first time I saw you laughing, and I felt as warm as the sun in the sky, because every time your eyes showed the sadness of your heart. You seemed to have something on your mind. We were on the beach. Bracelet in the sun release the light of the green quiet, you take off, to the sun again and again to keep looking. You put the bracelet in your right hand, you put your right hand on the side of the boat, the color of the bracelet and the color of the sea, the color of the bracelet mixed with the light of the bracelet, that day was my happiest day, you said to me, Let’s try it. I was glad to hear that you were willing to accept me. I picked you up and circled the beach. The sunset spilled on us. I felt like I had the world.
If you love her, give her the best. Do your little promotion, the goddess closet. Give you the best choice.


SHEIN Autumn Floral Women Dresses Multicolor Elegant Long Sleeve High Waist A Line Chic Dress Ladies Tie Neck Dress

The story behind the dress

High school girls seem a bit shy about wearing skirts because of their faces, and do they feel the gap between their usual hot image and violence, or do the cool ones want to show gender-neutral beauty? A girl’s heart is potentially tender and shows the best light.The memories and images evoked by the skirt are the buds nurtured by the drizzle, and the world is dotted with dreams, which have nothing to do with fame and wealth, but simply take care of the young and washed air. I took out many, many, many hours of photos, mostly wearing flower skirt, grin, that big flower opened, in the long two shallow dimples, my limpid years, they are quietly recording the eternal. Now in the wardrobe, the skirt is count on one hand, besides a few recreational style skirt, I still stubbornly put a piece of chiffon dress, very weak pink, pink green decorative pattern, fine bud silk, swagger, I always feel there is a kind of thing that conceals here collect. After I cut my hair short, I rarely “touched” it, and it became a wound.Every woman is waiting for her prince to show up and take care of herself. At this point, a woman’s delicate and complete release will truly become a woman. This feeling, I actually found on the skirt, yes, can produce the same effect, but the former is a kind of instinct, after all, the latter is the feeling precipitated in some background; Or one for others, one for oneself? The skirt represents a unique feature of women, at least for women, the original intention of the skirt should be like this.Some people say that a woman is happy for three reasons. She can cry. Can be spoiled. You can wear a skirt. I’m glad to hear that, boss. There is no age limit, no shame, the dress itself carries women’s feelings, wearing the skirt is the return of women’s nature, interpretation of the sacred side of women’s soul.If you love her, give her the best. Do your little promotion, the goddess closet. Give you the best choice.

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